We call on almost 50 years’ experience to provide quality remote village and asset management services to the mining and construction sectors.

Morris is an established service provider that can be trusted to maintain the highest standards no matter what the conditions. Resource focused with a specialisation ONLY in remote translates into a company that has tried and tested methods to offer solutions tailored to suit specific projects.

We have always operated under the ethos that “If Morris can’t do it, nobody can”.

Morris lets you concentrate on what you do best, by taking care of the rest. Whether it be changing a lightbulb, mowing a hectare of lawn or refuelling a plane, we will manage your assets with all the care and attention we apply to our own.

> What we do
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Working with us

Morris offers a lifestyle career choice at our remote sites for people wishing to enjoy a change from the mundane 9-5, Monday to Friday job. A diverse roster that requires you to work away from home for long periods of time is not for everyone, but can be well suited for those wanting flexibility and added benefits.

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