we call on more than 45 years’ experience to provide quality remote site catering, cleaning, accommodation and facilities management solutions to mining and construction villages in remote communities.

In over 45 years of operating, we have established ourselves as a service provider that can be relied upon to maintain the highest standards no matter what the conditions.  We have a reputation second to none, created in some of the toughest, most remote and inhospitable places in the world.  Resource focussed with a specialisation ONLY in remote translates into a company that has tried and tested methods to offer solutions to your particular project – no matter how remote or harsh the terrain.

We have always operated under the ethos that “if Morris can’t do it, nobody can”.

As well as providing industrial hospitality on a contract basis to over 50 sites nationally, Morris owns and operates our own accommodation villages, which are specifically designed to meet the needs of the travelling resources or construction worker.

Good nutrition is integral to healthy employees; it increases attentiveness, productivity and stamina.  Morris offer maximum choice, exceptional quality and superb value for money.

A clean living and working environment means a safe living and working environment. We know each customer requires a distinct level of cleaning support. We have a long history of providing village cleaning, housekeeping and janitorial services. We also operate dedicated industrial and remote mine-site cleaning contracts.

Morris lets you concentrate on what you do best, by taking care of the rest. Whether it be changing a light bulb, mowing a hectare of lawn or refuelling a plane, we will manage your facilities with all the care and attention we apply to our own facilities.

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Careers with us

We offer a lifestyle career choice at our remote sites for people wishing to enjoy a change from the mundane 9-5, Monday to Friday job. Working a diverse roster that requires you to work away from home for long periods is not for everyone, but may be well suited for those wanting flexibility and added benefits.

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