Morris Corporation Supply Chain Management Program


Here at Morris, we ensure that we undertake due diligence checks across our entire supply base. This process has become so critical to our business growth that we have introduced a mandatory supplier registration process. For this, we have selected Achilles as our technology partner, using their community-based solution for managing and maintaining critical supplier due diligence information. This solution is called the Achilles FPS Asia Pacific Community (known as ‘Achilles FPS’).

Becoming an Approved Supplier

In order to become an ‘Approved Supplier’ to Morris, it is essential that you achieve and maintain this registration within Achilles FPS at the correct level. This will involve completing at least one online questionnaire, and may consist of another two or three steps, as follows:

  • Step One: Application Process. This involves completing a short online questionnaire. There is no charge for this step. Depending on the outcome of the application process, this may be all that you are required to do in order to achieve registration. However, the system may determine that you should complete one or two further steps. You will be advised of this once you have completed the application process.
  • Step Two: Achilles FPS Community Registration. This involves payment of an annual subscription fee to Achilles. Once this is received, you gain access to a comprehensive online questionnaire where you provide information relating to your business in areas such as Health & Safety, Financial, Environmental, Insurances and other key aspects. This includes uploading supporting documentation where relevant.
  • Step Three: Audit. If you are required to undergo an Audit, Achilles will contact you to schedule this once you have completed the Achilles FPS Community Registration. Please be aware that the Audit fees are not included in the Community Registration fees, and will be charged separately.

Implementation of the Program will commence in early 2017; existing Morris suppliers will be invited gradually through different phases.

Have you Received your Invitation to Register?

If you have received an invitation and you would like to commence registration, please click here.

Non-existing Morris suppliers may also be registered without a Registration Code by clicking on “I don’t have a registration code” after clicking on the link above.

How to contact Achilles:


Telephone: +61(0) 7 3909 0300



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