Amrun Village given the tick

Morris provides facilities management services at Amrun Village, Queensland. It is heartening to know that we are making a difference on remote sites such as this.

Temporary village given the tick

SPENDING three weeks away from home can take its toll at the best of times, but when you’re living out of a temporary accommodation village, adjustments will need to be made.

But considering those factors, the workers at the Amrun project have it pretty good.

In fact, conditions are better for those at Amrun’s temporary facilities than those at the SPQ in Evans Landing at Weipa.

For starters, there’s not just one gym, there’s three.

The rec room boasts several pool tables, foosball, table tennis facilities and a dart board.

When the NRL grand final was played earlier this month, a giant inflatable big screen was rolled out and the workers gathered around to watch the Sharks beat the Storm.

Importantly, the food is good.

You hear all kinds of bad reviews about the food at FIFO camps, but every single person that spoke to the Western Cape Bulletin gave the food the thumbs up.

When the grand final was on, Morris Corp, the company in control of the accommodation village, put on burgers for the occasion.

At the moment, most of the workers at Amrun are doing three weeks on, one week off.

They work between 7am and 5pm from Monday to Saturday and 7am to 2pm on Sundays.

Being a dry camp, the workers have become more social and active after their daily shifts. One man’s wife quickly got over the fact her husband would be away for three weeks at a time when he kept coming back thinner and in better shape.

This man, in his 40s, had never been in a gym before.

But due to the fact he couldn’t have a few beers after shift, he instead started to work out.

There’s also a running and walking track around the camp, which tends to get plenty of traffic in the evening.

On-site, there’s a full-time lifestyle coordinator to help people with their fitness and organise other activities, like yoga and trivia.

Source: Western Cape Bulletin, 12 October 2016


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