Being environmentally responsible translates to being responsible and ethical in the management of our services, products and processes in relation to the environment.

Self-regulation and ensuring the appropriate codes, charters and initiatives are integrated into all elements of our decision-making are essential in enhancing our environmental responsibility. Morris is  aware of our responsibility and the role we play in ensuring that the operation of our villages occurs with the least possible impact to the environment.


Morris Environmental Objectives and Targets:

  • Promote a “No Blame” culture where harm to our environment through work is unacceptable
  • Develop and implement standards that far exceed minimum requirements
  • Identify and reduce the risks of all process activities that may have the potential to harm to the environment
  • Investigate all environmental accidents, incidents and occurrences with control measures implemented and reviewed to ensure elimination of initial breakdown
  • Ensure continual training and supervision to improve individual’s understanding of environmental systems and procedures
  • Consult with staff on all environmental issues
  • Provide adequate systems and resources to effectively manage environmental rehabilitation
  • Develop an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) specific to every project and in line with specific environmental targets & objectives (the EMP includes the training of residents on recycling and waste disposal)

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