The Morris Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is founded on Morris’ commitment to build sustainable working communities and provide opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) people to develop and grow within a supportive and collaborative environment. Our RAP is the key framework used to set business priorities in relation to Indigenous participation for the coming years.



The Morris Purpose is ‘to ensure Morris Corporation’s profitable growth so we can improve our quality of life in the key areas of wellbeing, working relationships and personal finance’. Working relationships extend to the communities we work in including Indigenous communities. The Morris purpose is the reason our company exists, relationships are a reason our company exists, Indigenous relationships are a reason our company exists. The Morris vision for reconciliation is to strengthen the capacity of ATSI people and communities by embracing and building relationships, enabling positive long term outcomes for all.



Morris understands the importance of respecting the culture and history of ATSI people. Consultation with Indigenous people is the best means of advancing reconciliation as they are the primary source of information on the value that their heritage can offer. Morris understands the basic right of Indigenous communities to be recognised and respected and is committed to co-existence and sustainable development.  We can all share the benefits by working together.  Morris respects the value of Indigenous involvement in all stages of the decision-making process.  Morris consults with local communities to obtain specific information on each location, acknowledging that every community is unique.



Our RAP is a living document supported by dedicated funding and clear and practical policies to ensure we deliver opportunities to Indigenous people and communities. The implementation of our RAP enables us to deliver meaningful cultural recognition, employment, education, training and business opportunities for Indigenous people by focusing on the five key areas of:

  1. Corporate Commitment
  2. Education
  3. Employment
  4. Indigenous Business Development
  5. Cultural Awareness and Community Capacity Building

Collaboration with Sally Morgan DesignCup copy

Morris has partnered with Sally Morgan Design to introduce a new range of custom designed coffee cups across all sites nationally. This partnership reinforces Morris’ commitment of building sustainable working communities and working in partnership with Aboriginal businesses.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people come from an strong oral tradition, with messages sometimes portrayed by symbols and icons through artwork. Morris commissioned the design from one of Australia’s most well-known Aboriginal artists and writers, Sally Morgan.

A note from the artist:
My design represents how everything connects together to create balance in the world. Rain swirls on the red earth, which feeds the spinifex growing on the granite hills and the water flowing in the rivers and creeks. Similarly, people can come together in a respectful way and create a world that nurtures a positive future for all peoples.






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