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“At Morris, humanity and a sense of community are a vital part of our culture. Our service model, 3B, as applied to every human being, can make an immediate and tangible difference.  We are determined to deliver humanity every day by living and owning our 3B service model ‘Be Friendly, Be Connected, Be Real’” 

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“As a partner to one of the residents where Morris operates, I got to read the compendium you left on his bed and wanted to say a massive thank you for this personal touch.

I was truly impressed by the care and thoughtfulness put into it – strategies for coping, sleeping and important mental health information. It is exactly what they need in such high pressure jobs and being away from home. It shows that you know what your doing and as a partner it makes me feel a lot more comfortable with him being away knowing he is safe hands and being treated well. It’s great to see a company who truly cares and doesn’t just do the minimum required.

Thank you so so much, it is more appreciated than you could know. My partner has had only wonderful things to say about the new management and the catering staff.

Samantha Smith



“Just want to give you some quick feedback on the level of food being provided out here since you have started – IT IS WONDERFUL!! I am yet to hear any negative comments and whereas before everyone complained about the food or didn’t talk about it at all, I actually hear people talking about it and how much variety there is and the quality of the food being served. Well done guys, I can’t speak for everyone, but you are impressing a lot of people!”

Angela Rogers| Office Administrator | Mt Carlton Project | Larpro



“Thank you to all the kitchen staff (chef’s and kitchen hands) – excellent menus, presentation and service!! Special thanks to the housekeeping staff, you guys do a great job! Thank you!”

Dan H. | FKG Gardner Pty Ltd



“I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for the assistance provided by a number of Morris staff. Due to the recent challenges on site at the Collinsville Coal Project, I have been arriving at camp late for some evening meals. On the first evening that I arrived late Ricki and Emma went out of their way to ensure that I was provided with a meal. This was whilst they were in the midst of cleaning and well towards completing their work for the evening.

On the second evening, I returned twice to the mess after hours to check-in and provide meals for contractors working on urgent projects. One such contractor had experienced significant delays as a result of floods in Townsville and was very appreciative to have been given such outstanding services.

Lis and Ricki ensured that food was provided for myself and the contractors (six in all) without a grumble and with practical and thoughtful suggestions. This included options for preparing crib for the next day, as some contractors were returning to the mine in the early hours of the morning to begin work.”

Paul D | Collinsville QLD

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